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Feedjit Widget

The Feedjit Widget provides a live traffic feed for your blog.  A live preview can be seen in the sidebar.

Author Information

Ruslan Tur of rtur.net

Technical Overview

Uses the feedjit.com service to keep track on your site visitors and lets you monitor blog traffic in real time. Information is displayed online to your users through the widget.

Requirements and Dependencies

BlogEngine 1.4 or greater

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip and copy files to ~/widgets/ folder
  2. Login to site
  3. Find the add widget dropdown and add the Feedjit widget
  4. Click Edit on the Feedjit widget to configure settings

Configurable Options

The Feedjit widget can be themed to match your existing theme.  The following configurable options are accessible after logging in to BlogEngine and clicking edit on the widget.

  • Header Color – Hex value
  • Text Color – Hex value
  • Link Color – Hex value
  • Border Color – Hex value
  • Background Color – Hex value
  • Width – Pixel value


BlogEngine and this extension, widget, control or theme is provided as-is.  Bugs happen, and your best efforts should be made to ensure that any installs are compatible with your software.  If you have problems, please let the BlogEngine community know and someone will get back to you.