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Count File Download Extension and Control

The Count File Download control counts the number of downloads enacted through the BlogEngine file handler.  The information collected can be displayed on your blog through the provided control.  A live preview can be seen in the sidebar.

Author Information

Chris Blankenship – More info about the extension and control can be found on this post by Chris.

Technical Overview

For the extension to count files, all requests to download the file need to be routed through BlogEngine’s file handler.  Download data is saved to App_Data/filesdownloaded.xml.

Requirements and Dependencies

BlogEngine 1.4 or greater

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip and copy the following files to the following folders:
    1. FileDownloadStats.cs to App_Code/Controls
    2. CountFileDownloads.cs to App_Code/Extensions
  2. Add the following to the theme of your choice:
    	<blog:FileDownloadStats ID="FileDownloadStats" runat="server" />

Configurable Options



BlogEngine and this extension, widget, control or theme is provided as-is.  Bugs happen, and your best efforts should be made to ensure that any installs are compatible with your software.  If you have problems, please let the BlogEngine community know and someone will get back to you.